Why this blog

The need for this blog became evident to me as I started creating the Big Impact Consulting Group company website. 
This space is meant to be separate and for a different purpose, as in it will capture changes (and responses to those changes) in, and the preoccupations of, the learning and education world in a way that a corporate website typically doesn't do (at least mine is not intended to do.)

So the current MAJOR PREOCCUPATION - and that's an understatement, I kid you not - is AI, or Artificial Intelligence. Everyone is using the term. Suddenly it's supposed to do everything - from changing the baby's diapers to helping you conceive said baby!

What is all the fuss about? Are we all going to become redundant in five years? Or most of us? Will we be reduced to simply whiling away our time with some form of entertainment, while bots do all the 'work'? Why do we even want to work? What will fun look like? And therefore, the most relevant question for this forum - what will AI do for learning and teaching? Are we all going to become redundant...? ...most of us...? get the drift!

With my next post, I will begin to address some of these topical and even deeply concerning questions, and we can explore things together. I will be doing a lot of homework on whatever I write on, so this will be a serious space of research... but please, let's have a laugh or two while we're at it, because learning without laughter is not my thing.

Until we meet again, here's my new company logo. These are exciting times indeed!

Big Impact Logo